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  1. [ZM] - Server Rules

    d9Y8dyj.gifGeneral rules for  Players.It is important to read our rules to avoid any problemsra2yxdu.gif

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  2. [ZM] - Administrative Announcements

    d9Y8dyj.gifRead the most important announcements / news about our server. ra2yxdu.gif

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  3. [ZM] - Admins Complaints

    d9Y8dyj.gif  The area where you can report an admin on the server. back.gif

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  4. [ZM] - Unban Application

    d9Y8dyj.gif Do you think you got banned unfairly? Make an unban request here!ra2yxdu.gif

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  5. [ZM] - Admins Complaints

    d9Y8dyj.gif Bans given by admins will appear herera2yxdu.gif

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About Us

A gaming community that was founded in 2018, but has been through a lot. Thanks to the STAFF and loyal players, it managed to become a community in continuous development. If you want to be part of the ZeroHP family, we expect you to register with your server for Counter Strike 1.6, Global Offensive, TeamSpeak, SA-MP, Minecraft or to become part of the Staff of the current servers in our community.