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cerere admin Udy

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A8Eml2u.gif Name In-Game: Mad

 A8Eml2u.gif Age: 16

 A8Eml2u.gif City: paris

 A8Eml2u.gif Steam ID:76561199488097748

 A8Eml2u.gif Amx Experience: it wwas the best

 A8Eml2u.gif Did you read the server rules?: Biensur

 A8Eml2u.gif Facebook/Skype:  https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100090728277431

 A8Eml2u.gif Are you willing to donate?: i can't at this moment but i am sure i will donate later

 A8Eml2u.gif Server Reviews: very cool server also i like to play core respawn

 A8Eml2u.gif Teamspeak3 Activty(Requested!): cool 

A8Eml2u.gif where do you know the server?: I knew the server in counter strike 1.6 warzone

 A8Eml2u.gif Link Gametracker with hours (click😞 https://www.gametracker.com/player/Udy/

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  • Fondator

Put your name and contact details not someone else's CONTRA ! Since you copy paste 2 other person's requests and you don't even know how to put your name there, you are not ready and you don't have the ability to be an admin yet. The server needs capable admins

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