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From my personal experience

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I've been browsing the forums and playing on the server. I assume this is a new community so I'll share some of my experiences and thoughts, I've been involved in many projects and know the market a bit.

-the most important! get your regular players! without them you will be boosting a server with no life at all.

- invite people to the forum and build a players community (free VIP, skins, contests, badges etc) the forum must be clean and transparent without unnecessary sections! default red-black interface is a bad idea

-divide into English and RO sections

-admins need to communicate with in-game chat with players to want to come back.

-admins can't be only pro on the server because at some point only they will be left

-admins should not use any of the slightest cheats ,addons 

- new players also need to feel that they will get frags and want to come back or they will leave and not come back

-on the page under the logo should be the IP of the servers, for example, a banner!

- adapt the page to the view on the smartphone

-BAN ONLY if you are sure! Banned ppl won't come back

-Aim at foreign players (use mainly English on the server, there is too much competition)

-PING, positioning, displaying in the server list. A clogged lag server will not survive

-Do not change your IP 5 times a year

-Change the server name:

.:.;respawn.zerohp.ro respawn:;:



these names are too identical and 2x respawn in the name is unnecessary.


RESPAWN ||| ZeroHp.ro <-Community

CSDM ZeroHp.ro <---Join our cs FAMILY or something like this. I have 3 or 4 respawn ro servers in my favorites I never know which one I click and play.

A large number of admins (not all pro) important to keep an eye on the server. They don't have to be 18+ as long as they have a brain. Young players have more friends=potential players

Admins should play on STEAM. But you can make exceptions

The server should have amxx restrictions or addons, or it should be done by admins. So that nobody uses: prohibited player models, aim configs from 10 .dll files, other boosters. 32 slots 10 people make frags 22 people either go afk or leave or won't come back not having fun with the game.

Watching demos and posted here for proof takes to much time and effort.

Use screeenshots + ask player to post it on the forum (without registration) if you use outside hosting you missed 1 visit on your webiste.

Do not pay so much attention to boost players. If some 100% noob uses WH with stats 3:20 you can ask him to turn wh off and later ban him.

You can create a forum section how to improve cs for low pc ,low skill or low connection. If google will show your tutorials you will may bet potential players.

Any questions? 🙂



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these conditions are, I say, respected as far as we are concerned, we help players and try to talk to them and explain to them what concerns 18+, the staff is more responsible, in fact, I would say that they should be removed from the configurations and left as simple as possible server to clarify the lag issue, otherwise we do our best to have all correct players come back 

but thank' s for the advice and appreciate
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I appreciate your effort to do this post, I can see you have some experience in that area, our community is already working hard to improve some of the points you mentioned.

See you in Game 🙂

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The point with underage player is they have more friends and time to play, 18+ have less or less time.

On one server we have 3 admins around 16y old they bring +/- 20 regular players.

Problem with Respawn is no one use chat everybody just play, here should come admins and pickup a chat with player to build a "friendly atmosphere"

Yes server should remain clear and light (mods) forum should be place to gather "some" rewards.

One of the most important thing are statistics, daily monthy PERSONAL statistics for every player, not only gametracker or top15 (one aimer will ruin this over night)  Once I saw stats for every bullet shooted on the server, people liked it.

A lot of lags are becouse laggers (boosted players with ping 300) that's why regular players are so important.

No fun no game you must provide fun to have the game and please ,never add this VIP features like is on weststrike it's sick. Do it gently or don't do it :_)

I saw countless ,very old cs commun. died after years only becouse the cost of countless boosts to have players.

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  • Community Founder

hello man, if you still want to help, we are waiting for you in our staff
What you wrote has been implemented and we are trying to go as far as we can, it is a community from 2018 that had over 2000 members, due to some shitty Webhosts and other problems I had to redo the forum to 0.
Come among us and see if you manage to change something. And thank you for the post, it's not bad at all, it's already a big commitment on your part, no one else does it.

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👍 no problem.

I can help as much I have time but with me is today I'm playing and then I can have a month or two pause never know.

And I don't wanna be admin, but I can give you my observations and tips you can do it with them whatever you want. Maybe via PM?

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