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Admin Req by dsasdfds#123.


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 A8Eml2u.gif Name In-Game: dsasdfds#123.

 A8Eml2u.gif Age: 19

 A8Eml2u.gif City: Egypt, Alexandria

 A8Eml2u.gif Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:1428138019

 A8Eml2u.gif Amx Experience: i know all of them ^^

 A8Eml2u.gif Did you read the server rules?: Yes i read them

 A8Eml2u.gif Are you willing to donate?: No, sry i dont have a job right now..

 A8Eml2u.gif Server Reviews: i'm active player, and i can help to find cheaters 

 A8Eml2u.gif Teamspeak3 Activty(Requested!): Sure

 A8Eml2u.gif Where did you find out about the server: Gametracker :)

 A8Eml2u.gif Link Gametracker with hours (click😞 https://www.gametracker.com/player/dsasdfds#123./

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