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[Model] Cerere Admin | Admin Request


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Cerere Admin | Admin Request


Romanian Version:


A8Eml2u.gifNumele In-Game: 

A8Eml2u.gif Varsta:

A8Eml2u.gif Oras:

A8Eml2u.gif Steam ID:

A8Eml2u.gif Experienta in amx:

A8Eml2u.gif Ai citit regulamentul?:

A8Eml2u.gif Poti ajuta financiar?: 

A8Eml2u.gif Parere despre server:

A8Eml2u.gif Unde ai aflat de server:

A8Eml2u.gif Activitate Teamspeak 3?(Obligatorie!):

A8Eml2u.gif Link OreJucate aici





English Version:


 A8Eml2u.gif Name In-Game:

 A8Eml2u.gif Age:

 A8Eml2u.gif City:

 A8Eml2u.gif Steam ID:

 A8Eml2u.gif Amx Experience:

 A8Eml2u.gif Did you read the server rules?:

 A8Eml2u.gif Facebook/Skype:

 A8Eml2u.gif Are you willing to donate?:

 A8Eml2u.gif Server Reviews:

 A8Eml2u.gif Teamspeak3 Activty(Requested!):

 A8Eml2u.gif Where did you find out about the server:

 A8Eml2u.gif Link Gametracker with hours (click😞






 A8Eml2u.gif Citirea REGULAMENTULUI. 

 A8Eml2u.gif Minim 10 de ore jucate pe server.

 A8Eml2u.gif Vârsta minima 18 ani.

 A8Eml2u.gif Nu postati in topicul altui user, pentru ca cererea nu va fi luata in considerare si postul va fi sters fara atentionare!  

 A8Eml2u.gif Activitatea Teamspeak 3 este obligatorie!

 A8Eml2u.gif Un limbaj exemplar pe server: sa nu fi primit ban pentru limbaj sau gag-uri repetate. 

 A8Eml2u.gif Citiți regulament-ul atent dacă greșiți la ceva nu este vină noastră!



 A8Eml2u.gif Read Server Rules.

 A8Eml2u.gif You must have at least 10 hours in-game.

 A8Eml2u.gif You must be at least 18 years old. 

 A8Eml2u.gif Teamspeak Activity is requested!

 A8Eml2u.gif You are not allowed to answer in other admin requests, in this case your request will be deleted without warning!

 A8Eml2u.gif You need to be "perfect" on server: Not receive gag or ban about your behaviour.

 A8Eml2u.gifRead the rules carefully, if you do something wrong, it's not our fault!

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