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  1. BisquiT

    Admin Rules

    I. General Rules 1. Every admin has the obligation to make their forum account to respond to requests for admin / slot / unban / ban or discussion of various Admins Only section. 2. Admins are not allowed to use other sites on the server than nick nick that has access, who will be caught with another nick on the server will be punished with -1 degree. 3. Each server admin must vote DAILY. Those who do not receive this warning. At 3 warnings received -1 degree. 4. Do not abuse nor sell admin / admin borrowed anyone. It is sanctioned by REMOVE. 5. DO NOT make the bosses on the server because we have 0 tolerance in this case. Any abuse of admin will lead to the suspension of the final, regardless of rank! 6. Inactive on the server or forum admins will be punished with -1 degree and can be reached until withdrawal admin. 7. It is prohibited for an admin to have bouts on multiple servers. Who will be caught and has access to another server will receive REMOVE. 8. Admin is obliged to settle any conflict occurred during the game, first by announcing the players, then with sentencing due depending on the severity of the conflict. 9. From the moment you enter the admin server it becomes impartial, neutral. Never mind that "X, Y or Z 'she is friend or foe. Therefore not allowed to differentiate between players. 10. Admin forbidden to use profanity / obscene to the players on the server. Players on the server are treated with respect. If complaints are received evidence sanction is -1 degree. 11. You may not like during the game to put the new rules for the player. The game is freegame except certain restrictions on some maps. 12. Do not use the admin commands to another without the consent of Founder / Owner / Co-Owner or Leader Staff. The first time you get a -1 degree, and in the second REMOVE. 13. Do not jokes between you, only if you know and you allow one to another, and just chat admin. Between admins must be respect and common sense, and those who violate it will receive sanction -2 degrees for 2 weeks. 14. No more than you are getting another admin commands, report the problem to a Founder / Owner / Co-Owner or Leader Staff in case it is needed. 15. Degrees of Owner / Co-Owner or Leader Staff have the right to execute commands on admins (gag, kick, ban 120 minutes) if it finds irregularities or crosses the line. 16. Admins who do not comply and Regulation player will receive direct warning to avoid using commands between admins. II. Changing map and votemap 1. Do not give voting maps that were used command / maps in say (y / maps) to view the last five previous maps. 2. Do not give the vote more than 2 maps, or use amx_votemapmenu listmaps unless you know the server maps. 3. Do not give vote than in the last 5 minutes, give "last round" (@ y "last round"), wait for it to finish and then let nextmap round. 4. Do not change the map between 23:30 and 10:00 will de_dust2 and de_inferno just play until 03:00, then enter only de_dust2 until 08:00. ** At that change the map during the night program will receive -1 degree III. Rules banning the commands encoded using IP ban 1. Bans order them through time amx_banip name time reason, amx_jet name reason or amx_pa name, depending on the accesses to: -codes (AIM wall, speed, etc.). For this kind of money is the permanent codes (time 0 is permanent); Aim ex .: amx_banip Costica 0 + Wall -language, first warned players to keep a decent language on the server, and if you continue with swearing give gag 5 minutes why 'language', if so retry continue again with the gag and the 3rd reconnection give ban 30 minutes with the reason "language". -if addressed swearing serious threat to admins time can be longer than 30 minutes, maximum 120. Do not give permanent banex or PA! -1 Degree risk! -> [p3rk3l3h4mh4m] -for those who flood the server with statements like "x is y votemap map" ostentatious or repeat certain words or phrases are sanctioned by gag / kick. 2. It is prohibited to grant permanent ban for language! Admins who give permanent ban for language will be punished with -1 degree, without whistled! 3. It is forbidden to use the command jet / PA the player whom you made SS. Use amx_banip, amx_addban IP and STEAM ID. Those who do not respect this rule will receive a warning. 4. Before bans a cheater, stay spectator and make demo (AIM, wall or speed) or screenshot (the wall) to demonstrate forum, where, when, that player makes complaint. The demo must be relevant and have captured at least three clear phases. If you make a demo too short and surprise one phase that is not clear, you get a warning. 5. The maximum time for sending the pictures, if, in which you made SS is approximately 4-5 minutes. If the player has received since it was AFK KICK do not give away money, wait 4-5 minutes until the pass. 6. If you can not take pictures or give a ban to nick, use the following: a. Write vote console b. Browse player's name and left you some numbers, for example: - 2347: Ground - 3585: viper - 3565: player c. Use amx_banip or amx_ss with # + 2347 (amx_ss #2347 or amx_banip #2347 0 reason). 7. Helpers are forced to make a cheater tracking a demo + ss, and immediately announce an admin to ban access to intervene if necessary. Those who demonstrate involvement will receive access ban in a shorter time. IV. Solving UNBAN request 1. If a player makes unban and admin application in question does not come with proof in less than 24 hours will result in -1 degree for a month. 2. UNBAN applications that are not received within two weeks of receiving money will be void. 3. Every admin has the obligation to give its opinion on the applications UNBAN. Do not use the herd effect. Have the courage to say what is even contradictory. Those that do not offer an explanation and just vote PRO / Contra will not be taken into account, and the lack of involvement will be punished at the end of the month. 4. If a helper says he is encoded on to a demo and admin access to announce the ban to intervene to ban, ban admin access will have to ensure that that player has a code and / or make demo. Each will be responsible for money or given right "by ear". V. UP and DOWN 1. Do not ask UP privately or via PM. If you manifest involvement UP server + forum you will receive at the end of the month. 2. UP receives every two months. If you have received UP you will not receive this month and next month. You have to keep your constant work to get back UP. 3. To receive UP must meet the following: involvement on server + forum daily vote daily for at least 2 months a donation. 4. If you work on the server but not to get involved in administration of the server is deemed null. 5. The maximum degree that can be reached is Moderator. Other degrees are only for those who have that "something" which we are looking. 6. If you receive a warning in a month you have to straighten activity or involvement in next month for not getting DOWN. 7. Those who do not appear to UP / DOWN in a month, they did their job (positive) are happy with this degree and not wanting to surpass themselves to ascend to the next level. VI. Additional rules 1. Do not use amx_kick order to AFK / camp if server is not full 32/32. You risk warning! 2. After 23:30 PM until 10:00 PM amx_kick not used AFK / SPEC! You risk warning! 3. Do not greet the amx_say, TSAY, csay and @ y. OBESERVATIONS: 1. Failure to comply with this Regulation will entail sanctions mentioned above; 2. At 3 accumulation warnings admin will receive -1 degree for 2 weeks; 3. Each new admin is obliged to read and acknowledge Regulation.