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    The following are punished with PERMANENT BAN:

  •    Using the cheat sites, hack sites, scripts, target AWP etc .;
  •    Report intentional (repeatedly by the same player) to other servers / forums / sites.









 General rules



  1. Trash talk / unsorted / disturbing or offending server is sanctioned with 5 minutes GAG
  2. You may not give retry after retry gag and die if the first round (to rejoin the game alive) -> BAN 30 minutes
  3.  Nicks used must be between 3-20 characters, must not contain obscene words and no more than 5 punctuation GAG / BAN 30 or 120 minutes
  4. On the maps of  AWP / he / knife you are not allowed weapons [M4A1, AK47, MP5 Navy], grenades [he / flash / smoke] or deagle -> SLAY
  5. On the map you may not awp_bycastor Field in the cave or use weapons in the house -> SLAY
  6. You are not allowed to climb on the map 
  7. To announce a cheater possible use  say_team @ (@ u) + name cheater
  8. The game is  FREE RUSH / CAMP as long as the bomb is planted / defused.
  9.  Do not spam (rebuy) and he / flash / smoke -> SLAY / KICK
  10.  Microphone use is prohibited -> KICK / QUIT
  11.  For failure to submit pictures to the admins will be punished with permanent ban.
  12.  To unban request, you have 24 hours time to present the pictures, if within 24 hours did not come with all the pictures .
  13.  Swearing addressed to the administrator or the serious punishable by automatically be deemed null and application topicu will close


  On the maps of bomb it is forbidden to everyone who has to throw the bomb to get rid of it or transfer it to another teammate at the start of the round -> SLAY.


On maps with hostages, CT must try to rescue the hostages is prohibited camping span. Attacking hostages is prohibited by terro -> WARNING / SLAP / SLAY / KICK.

   T extended field based, beyond the last 30-40 seconds of round punishable by SLAY / KICK, and in case of ill will on the part of the player -> BAN 30 minutes.



To Remember




  1.     The player who gets the bomb beginning of the round, has the obligation to try to plant. Bomb throwing away or a teammate without the express prior agreement, is punished with SLAY / kick / ban.
  3.     Any player that takes advantage of dynamic IP to reconnect after a ban is liable BAN / PA.

  4.     Players can spectate stay on as long as the server is not full, otherwise they will be kicked.
  6.     OWNER decisions regarding any aspect of the server / forum are final and irrevocable change such a decision being made only by the owner / manager or founder.
  8.     Not required server information about bans or admine, they are dedicated forum section.


    Rules may be modified by TM staff without notice. We recommend re-reading of at least once a month!

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